Tsutsumi Hoang

Tsutsumi is a Norwegian born fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer, her content focuses on premium, luxury and best-in-category brands.

Unlike other content creators, Tsutsumi’s content is heavily influenced by the world around her, drawing inspiration specifically from the arts, graphic design and her travels. Tsutsumi always ensures that her content is relevant, feels aspirational yet remains accessible. Her paired-down glamour has seen Tsutsumi work with a multitude of the most prominent brands including L’Oreal, La Mer and Armani.

With her sister Alexandra, Tsutsumi co-founded candidthat.com, an online magazine dedicated to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Candidthat focuses on fashion news, FROW, beauty tutorials, city guides and educational content and garners 12K+ UVM.

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Tsutsumi Hoang