Disruptive, dynamic and distinct, SPIDER is a young talent learning to stand out for all that she is. Her own unorthodox origin-story begins in the Dublin suburb of Tallaght, where she grew up in a strict Nigerian-Catholic household in which gig-going was banned. SPIDER instead sought community online, running pop band stan accounts and witnessing the connective possibilities of creating work in her own voice. She took her eight-legged alias from the lessons of African spirituality and folklore – here the spider is the totemic symbol of strong feminine energy, and embodied SPIDER’s increasingly-timely belief that only you can weave your future.

She moved to London aged 18, penning her COA project – which featured viral astrology banger ‘Water Sign’ – as her own coming-of-age was again suspended (this time, by the pandemic). Its visceral followup, HELL OR HIGH WATER, embraced both a heavier sound and a more unapologetic attitude. A series of unfiltered conversations with the self, the EP called for honesty over consequence in childhood, relationships or Art: a spirit vividly rendered in ‘AMERICA’s NEXT TOP MODEL’, SPIDER’s rousing call for black representation across alternative music and prominent online platforms.

Featured in the Guardian’s One To Watch for 2024 list.


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