Clarissa Henry

Risa is a fashion content creator who has, and continues, to create a space for women in streetwear. The fashion grad has an extensive knowledge of the industry which has seen her work feature in the likes of Vogue, Hypebae and The Evening Standard, as well as collaborating with some of the largest brands globally, after helping eBay launch their Sneaker Authentication Service.

Risa doesn’t just create content, she is also a stylist who also consults for other brands, most recently being invited to host a live styling session to a live audience of over 150 people at the campaign launch for the new Puma range.

Away from working tirelessly with other clients and brands, Risa also heads up her own brand ‘GDS’, a streetwear brand created by women, for women. The brand, which is aimed at women of all shapes and sizes has been popular since its launch and is expect to drop its new range in the near future.


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