Rachel Hurdwood

Rachel Hurd-Wood is a 29 year old mother, actress and writer from Northamptonshire. Famously known for her 2003 role as ‘Wendy’ in Peter Pan, she has subsequently starred in a range of international films and TV, including recently BBC’s ‘Clique’. Rachel currently has an Instagram reach of 76,000+ followers and has an average engagement rate of 12%.
Since giving birth to her young son Liam in 2018, Rachel has dived into the world of parenting through a series of writing projects including a pregnancy baby blog. She has also been published in ‘The London Magazine’.
Rachel loves to cook, living and promoting a healthy lifestyle following a wheat and dairy free diet, complimented by activities such as yoga, running and Pilates. Recently, Rachel has undertaken training to be a  fitness instructor, specialising in pre and post natal fitness, sports nutrition, as well as teaching Pilates.Rachel is also level 2 in British Sign Language and exercises her artistic flare through creating digital cartoons published on her second account @robots.etc

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