Nikki Secret

Appearing on BBC3’s hit series The Glow Up, Nikki has quickly become one of the UK’s favourite beauty names. In the series aspiring MUA’s battle it out to be crowned the country’s most promising up-and-coming artist and is judged by world-renowned Val Garland and Dominic Skinner. Nikki’s journey in the show continues and we’re excited to see where she places.

Her interest in make-up started at an early age, like many young girls she experimented with make-up in her teenage years and led to her pursuing a career with Mac where she received her artistry training.

Nikki’s heritage is often mistaken, she’s British Gujarati and is very proud of her roots, which can often be seen in her Desi themed looks in which she incorporates traditional jewellery in a fashion-forward, modern way. Her Indian heritage is important to Nikki and she proudly weaves it in to her content, she loves the juxtaposition between traditional familial values and the contemporary world.


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