Lydia Hall

Lydia is a London-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencer who specialises in all things hair. Lydia has always been a lover of beauty and works in the industry. Lydia is one of the UK’s popular hair styling influencers with an engaged following on her Instagram of 410,000 followers and an average video engagement rate of 79%.

She also has 13,200 subscribers on YouTube where she utilises this platform to perform longer and more in depth styling tutorial videos. Lydia’s platforms offer easy to follow step by step tutorials, from every day casual styles to complex professional styling, offering a complete ‘get the look’ visual for her audience to mirror.

Aside from being a hair styling genius, Lydia also enjoys all things fashion, lifestyle and beauty.  Lydia is continuously rapidly growing her followers and collaborating with big name industry favourites such as Dyson,  becoming a 2019 Tangle Teezer ambassador, Goldwell, Redken and Coco & Eve.


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