Fifi Anicah

A model by day, an artist by night. Not only is Fifi Anicah becoming well established in the modelling world, working with brands including Rimmel London and Adidas but is also an up and coming artist, fashion entrepreneur and influencer. Often recognised for her distinctive features and natural beauty, Fifi is not a face you will easily forget.

Showcasing her distinctive urban style and stunning natural beauty via her Instagram @Fifi.Anicah alongside her unique artwork on @art.maffia, Fiif’s combination of creativity and style has amassed a large online following whom support and celebrate her entrepreneurial spirit as she branches out into the art and fashion world.

Self dubbed ‘The modern day Frida Kahlo’ of which she gains lots of her inspiration, Fifi created her artwork brand ‘Art Maffia’ –  a movement that celebrates creativity, individuality and empowerment and is heavily influenced by her life experiences, urban culture and her global travel. As an independent artist who is interested in making waste into something more beautiful most of her work is made from recycled materials and have recently been displayed in the Saatchi gallery in collaboration with Rankin.


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