Danielle Kirsty

Danielle (@daniellekirsty11) is a UK beauty influencer, who started Beauty District as a place to share her passion for all things makeup and beauty. Her enthusiastic and down-to-earth style have led her to forming a strong connection with her fans, who love her for her relatable, authentic and easy to follow tutorial content. Danielle’s Instagram over the past few years has amassed an impressive fanbase of over 120K followers and boasts an average engagement rate of 6%.

On Instagram she strives to inspire her followers by creating aspirational yet achievable makeup looks, posting on average 5+ video tutorials per week. Similarly on her YouTube channel ‘Danielle Kirsty 11’, Danielle specialises in giving in-depth reviews and testimonials of the latest beauty releases, which are valued by her engaged 39.8K+ subscribers for her honest opinions and knowledgeable advice.

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