Amelia Monet

Amelia Monét (19) is a London-based recording artist, fashion and lifestyle vlogger, and internet personality with a prominent fan base across Instagram and YouTube.


Not shy in front of the camera, Amelia grew up juggling modelling jobs and theatre school, which led her to land a role as Nala in the West End production of the Lion King. Turning to YouTube in 2017, Amelia began uploading a series of hair and make-up tutorials. Last year saw her online following soar off the back of the release of smash hit debut single ‘Baddest’ which to date has received over 15M views and kicked off her music career.


Alongside cementing herself in the UK’s music scene, Amelia’s vibrant personality, statement looks, and her conscientious effort to promote body positivity and self-confidence, has led her to create a dedicated following with posts often surpassing 80,000 likes and boasts over 12% engagement rate.

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