Alexandra Hoang

Alexandra is a Norwegian born fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer with a keen eye for design which is personified in all of the content she publishes.

Her Scandinavian roots are clearly visible in all Alexandra’s content, working with a beautifully neutral colour palette, managing to balance warmth yet creating sharp contemporary images.

Alexandra holds a bachelors degree in International Business and Business Law from the University of Technology in Sydney, one of Australia’s most prestigious universities, with her studies helping shape the young woman that she is today. Offering career advice, hints and tips, Alexandra focuses on helping other young women feel empowered to work hard and achieve their dreams.

With her sister Tsutsumi, Alexandra co-founded candidthat.com, an online magazine dedicated to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Candidthat focuses on fashion news, FROW, beauty tutorials, city guides and educational content and garners 12K+ UVM.

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Alexandra Hoang