Julia Lundin

Influencer Spotlight: Julia Lundin

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and b. talent girl Julia Lundin launched her eponymous blog in 2013. A former Acting Retail and Market Editor at ELLE UK, Julia’s obvious flair for fashion has gained her a huge following, and all with a little help from her husband Patrik Lundin who helps take her photos – the dream duo. Fashion and Beauty Monitor caught up with the influencer to see what life is now like as a full-time blogger.

“There are three types of typical working days for me. One type of day is when I don’t have any meetings or events and spend between 9am-5pm sitting at my laptop catching up on emails, working on new blog posts, maintaining my website and working on social media. The second type is when I am out having meetings during the morning and afternoon and events during the evenings. The third is when I also need to shoot a project on top of everything else and normally it ends up being a combination of all three types.”

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