Influencer Marketing Agency


What is an Influencer Marketing Agency?


Influencer Marketing is a form of paid advertising which works with social media influencers to strategize, manage and execute creative campaigns to gain brand exposure and drive sales.

Influencers or Content Editors create content for primary for social media and online, publishing their content to a loyal fan following which they have developed throughout their digital journey. They are editors, photographers, video makers, storytellers, publishers and opinion formers. By working together, we are changing the way our clients connect with their consumers.

So how does it work? Influencers produce content which may include paid sponsorships, product placement or sponsored content which is then posted strategically across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube etc. Whilst influencers have creative license to create their own content featuring brand or product, they will often be given guidelines and specifications to adhere to by the brands they have partnered with, unless it is their own organic content. The value of an influencer will be determined by the amount of content produced, the platform(s) they are publishing on, the size of their social following but primarily by their engagement with their audience.


How is an Influencer Marketing Agency different from other digital marketing agencies?


Many creative, digital and PR agencies will offer influencer marketing services as part of an integrated, blended approach to marketing. However, an influencer marketing agency, such as summer, focuses solely on influencer marketing. We create meaningful and lasting relationships with social media influencers across the globe. We represent over 50,000 influencers who have expertise and knowledge in a variety of fields, including health and beauty, fitness and lifestyle, travelling and parenting and more! We are passionate about connecting the right brands and products with the right influencers. This helps us reach a target audience and promotes authenticity and authority.


How can an Influencer Marketing Agency help your brand?


We have 15 years experience working with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to develop their PR and Marketing strategies we have built upon this to develop our digital expertise since 2010 to develop and execute a variety of different blogger and influencer marketing campaigns. This allows us to share our knowledge and give invaluable advice on how influencer marketing can work for you. From recommending social media influencers to work with, to helping determine which platforms to distribute your content on, right through to developing a bespoke influencer marketing strategy that will help you achieve your brand tone of voice and sales objectives.

If you are thinking about launching an influencer marketing campaign, get in touch to find out more!